Air Guns

We have a selection of Air Guns available at N. J. Guns including:

  • BSA, Gamo, Walther, Weihrauch

Whatever you are looking for please call into the Gun Shop in Builth Wells or phone with your requirements.

Air Rifles and the Law.

Under 14. You can use an air rifle under supervision on private property with permission, supervisor must be aged 21 or over. You cannot buy hire or receive an air rifle or ammunition as a gift or shoot without adult supervision. Parents or guardians must exercise control over it at all times, even in the home or garden.

14-17 years. You can borrow an air rifle and ammunition, use an air rifle without supervision on private property with permission. You cannot buy or hire an air rifle or receive one as a gift. You cannot have an air rifle in a public place unless you are supervised by somebody aged 21 or over, and you have a reasonable excuse to do so.

18 years. There are no restrictions on buying an air rifle and ammunition, and you can use it wherever you have permission to shoot. ID must be shown when you buy an air rifle.

(Taken from BASC air rifle leaflet)

Some of the air rifles we have in stock

AIRARMS TX200 Ultimate Springer, Carbine, laminated stock, single shot – 40 years of Airarms in .177 £1069

BSA Meteor .177 or .22 £195

BSA Supersport .177 or .22 £275

BSA Ultra CLX PCP .22 or .177 £609

Weihrauch HW35K .177 or .22 £380

Weihrauch HW99S .177 or .22 £305

Weihrauch HW95 .177 or .22 with moderator £470

Weihrauch HW97K .177 or .22 £540

Stoeger RX20 £225

Gamo Deltamax Force .177 £100

FX T12 synthetic .177 or .22 PCP £599

Weihrauch HW100 PCP 14 shot £1035

New BSA Meteor Evo air rifle with fibre optic sights available in .177 or .22 £195

Reximex PCP in .177 and .22 £435

Air pistols

Webley Mark VI Civilian Model 2.5″ barrel .22 £224

Webley Mark VI Police Model 4″ barrel .22 £224

Walther CP88 in .177 £230

Weihrauch HW45 in .177 £430

Colt Government M45 CQBP .177 £220

Luger PO8 in .177 £140

Beretta 92FS in .177 £230

Beretta 84FS in .177 £170

.177 Target air pistol £405


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