300 Blackout American Ranch Ruger rifle. £550

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New .22.250 Ruger Number One, threaded for moderator £925.

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We have a selection of Rifles available at N. J. Guns including:

  • Ruger .243 .308
  • Tikka .223 .220 .250
  • Sako – all calibre available
  • CZ .22 .17 HMR
  • Baikal 12 Guage .223



New Ruger 10/22. Threaded for moderator, Deluxe model. in .22. £499.image

New Ruger 10/22. Threaded for moderator, stainless steel, synthetic in .22 £425. 25 shot Ruger magazine BX25 is extra at £35.95image

Second Hand CZ Model 452-2E. Laminated Thumbhole stock Threaded for moderator. In .22 £525.image

New Ruger 10/22. Threaded for moderator in .22. £365image

Second hand CZ .22 stainless steel, synthetic with Parker Hale moderator and scope. £325image

New CZ .17HMR, synthetic, stainless steel, threaded for moderator. £440.image

New CZ American 16″ short barrel, threaded for moderator in .22. £450image

New CZ .17HMR model 455 American, Varmint, heavy barrel. Threaded for moderator. £480.image

New Sako Quad .17HMR, varmint barrel, threaded for moderator. £695image

Second Hand CZ .22 Model American, with Nikko Stirling 3-9 x 50 scopr and moderator. £350.image

New Tikka T3 stainless steel, synthetic. Available in .223, .22.250 and .243. Threaded for moderators. £875image

New Ruger Hawkeye, available in .243 and .308. Stainless steel, synthetic, threaded for moderator. £699.image

New CZ Model 550 in .308. Threaded for moderator, mounts not included. £695image

New Ruger No 1. Available in .22.250. Threaded for moderator, stainless steel, laminated. £925image

Second Hand Sako .25-06. With Leopold VX111 4.5 x 14 x 50mm long range illuminated scope. Threaded for moderator £1550.image

New CZ 6.5 x 55 Model 550.  Not threaded. £695image

New Baikal 12g multichoke and .223 combination. £640.image

If you cannot see the Rifle you are looking for please call or pop in to N J Guns gun shop in Builth Wells.


N J Guns Builth Wells